Understanding your culture through our Trust Index Survey and Culture Audit.

Trust Index Survey & Culture Audit Assessment

No other employee experience survey compares what leaders think they are delivering with what is actually being experienced by employees.

Our Trust Index survey consists of 58 core statements giving deep insight into the employee experience and highlighting the core business areas that help to proactively drive engagement. Our Culture Audit, an assessment document filled out by your HR team, allows us to understand and evaluate the policies and practices that make up your organisational culture.

Based on the outcome of your assessment and if you meet the threshold for your specific size category, you may earn a spot on the prestigious Best Workplaces ranking and/or an ‘Excellence in Wellbeing’ certificate.

Pulse Surveys

Our Pulse Survey enables continuous listening throughout your organisation. Select 10-15 questions that pinpoint the specific employee experience areas you’d like feedback on.​

Bespoke Surveys​

In addition to our standard survey offerings, we can also work with you to develop tailored surveys and assessments that are specific to your organizational needs.

Post-Survey Support

Once your organisation has completed their survey, you can utilize one of our consultants to provide you with post-survey support such as an exec team presentation to build a story from the survey data and/or bespoke workshops and focus groups to dive deeper into the issues ​

Our Offerings Include

– Trust Index Survey Executive Presentation

– Culture Audit Executive Presentation

– Action Planning

– Workshops

– Tailored Solutions